Orange County, CA

Jesse Barnett - Vocals
Josh James - Guitar
Chris Rawson - Guitar
Andrew Rose - Bass
George Schmitz - Drums

Dedicated to those who chose hope over hate.

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Fuck the Message

I feel. That is a phrase I use often because I in fact feel a lot of things. I feel happy when I’m with my dogs and girlfriend. I feel a connection when someone is singing along to our songs. I feel angry that we live in a world where people value there monetary compensation over basic human decency. I feel hatred for police officers, politicians and bankers who abuse their power and use the phrase “I was just doing my job” in the attempt to justify evil behavior. I feel sad for those who are forced to struggle due to circumstances out of their control. 

However, all of these feelings that I have running through me, what do they mean? What good are they if I don’t use them to engage myself towards some sort of change? What good can a message or feeling be if they are not backed up by action? Thus in lies a very visible problem. 

"I feel" as though we have allowed this music that we claim means so much, to become nothing more for emotional porn for us to use to jack off our feelings and leave us wanting more time and time again. To me, this music is a movement. The key word being "MOVE". To me, without an action to back words that we so passionately scream, destroys the very foundation of its message. And the more I thought about it, the more this one phrase kept returning to me like some sort of fucked up boomerang:


I can’t in good conscience continue to allow myself to sing songs of revolution without the back bone to stand and fight for something I truly believe in. I’m not here to suggest you sell of your things and go join green peace or anything like that. I simply suggest that we, at the very least, sit and think on the words we sing and ask ourselves, what do they mean? What can I do to give back? How can I “Start Today”? 

Join us and lets sing these songs like we used to. Like they actually meant something.
Stick To Your Guns is happy to announce several dates with Backtrack as part of our EU/UK spring 2014 tour that will be including several stops at festivals, and two shows with Boy Sets Fire as well. The full list of dates is below. 17.04.14 Cham, Germany at LA*18.04.14 Salzburg, Austria at Rockhouse*19.04.14 Leipzig, Germany at Impericon Festival20.04.14 Prague, Czech Republic at Futurum*21.04.14 Schweinfurt, Germany at Alter Stattbahnhof*22.04.14 TBA *23.04.14 Milano, Italy at Lo-Fi*24.04.14 München, Germany at Backstage*25.04.14 Wien, Austria at Impericon Festival26.04.14 Athens, Greece at Seven Sins27.04.14 Manchester, UK at Impericon Festival28.04.14 Amsterdam, Netherlands at Melkweg (w/ BSF)29.04.14 Wiesbaden, Germany at Schlachthof (w/ BSF)30.04.14 Köln, Germany at Impericon Festival01.05.14 Zürich, Switzerland at Loudfest
Stick To Your Guns is pleased to announce Keeping Warm In A Cold World IV. Shows will be $5 for admission and all proceeds will go to The Trevor Project. We are very happy to have The Sheds, Souvenirs, and Emcee Call on the shows with us.January 24 - Rancho Cucamonga, CA at Nitty GrittyJanuary 25 - Yucaipa, CA at ParadigmLimited ticket bundles for both shows are now available at:
We’re also playing Self Help Festival on March 22nd at the NOS Events Center in San Bernadino, CA.VIP Tickets Available At:
Playing Today’s Mixtape Festival on March 23rd in Oakland, CA and March 30th in Patchogue, NY! Tickets:

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